Make a Crankie at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival!

Sat. and Sun., July 15th and 16th, 11:00-12:00 in the Francophone Tent with Podorythmie. Join us!

For the Vancouver Folk Music festival, Sue is working on the Pete Seagull crankie, the mascot of the festival.

Vancouver Folk Music Festival - Podorythmie will be there July 15th and 16th, 2017 performing shows, teaching two crankie workshops and leading sessions.  Can't wait! Sue is adapting a crankie for their mascot, Pete Seagull.  You can find us in the Francophone Tent!

Photo by Doug Plummer

Podo shoes in the cabin.

Podorythmie, Quebecois for "foot rhythms", is a five member group hailing from the U.S., France and Canada.  They are known for their high energy and good time performances of French Canadian music and dance.  Fiddle, accordion, songs and lots of hard shoe step dancing interspersed with crankie (moving panorama) shows makes their performances full of surprises.


Band Members:

Sue Truman - Fiddle, podorythmie, chief crankie maker

Pascale Lelong - Accordion, vocals

Prairie Wolfe - Fiddle, vocals, step dancing, podorythmie

Julia Derby - Guitar, step dancing, podorythmie, crankist

Cil Pierce - Guitar, step dancing, podorythmie


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Selected Past Performances, Workshops and Adventures!

Sat. June 24th, 2017  We will be busy in British Columbia!

St. Jean Baptiste Day - multiple performances and crankie workshops! More info here.

CANADA PLACE - 999 Canada Place, Vancouver, North Point Main Stage

12:00-1:00 - Crankie workshop

1:15-2:00 pm - Tunes and stepdancing on the main stage

2:15-3:15 pm - Crankie workshop


Chez Nous, 209 Lebleu St., Coquitlam - St. Jean Baptiste Celebration, 6:00-9:00 PM  More info here.

Tunes, stepdancing, crankie show (hand-cranked storytelling machines) and limberjack, dance competitions.  Good energy and good fun!  Come to the party!

The grand finale at NW Folklife Festival's Crankie Fest! photo by Doug Plummer.

Sat. May 27th, 2017 - Seattle, Washington, Northwest Folklife Festival.  We were stepping and cranking at Folklife! The crankie fest had 8 artists including Sue Truman and Julia Derby.  For the grand finale we all came out on stage and reverse-cranked the scrolls at the same time while Kevin Auld played the Scottish Small Pipes - EPIC!

Thank you to Starbucks for their continued support of the Seattle Storytelling community.

Auntmama's Storytable - We spun some tales and cranked some crankies at Seattle's Storyteller's event in March.  So inspired by the other storytellers especially Mary Anne Moorman AKA Auntmama. Thanks for the invitation and we will be back!

On the main stage at Festival du Bois!

We had a WONDERFUL time at Festival du Bois, the largest francophone festival on Canada's West Coast.  It was March 3 to 5, 2017.  We gave a crankie show, multiple music and stepdance performances, a crankie workshop and mini stepdance workshop.  More pictures will be posted in the gallery section of this website.  Visit their website  

It was a full house at the NW Puppet Center!

NW Puppet Center's 3rd Crankie Fest! Sat., Oct. 1st, 2016. The festival was a sold out success and crankie magic was made.

Katherine Fahey - award winning paper cut artist from Baltimore

PODORYTHMIE -We premiered a new crankie - Waves of the St. Lawrence.

Dejah and Louis Leger - acclaimed artist and musician Dejah Leger with her father-in-law (and crankie box maker) Louis Leger

Squirrel Butter - Charmain Slaven and Charlie Beck with the one and only foot-powered crankie box

The historic Job Carr Museum

NEWS FLASH - We are invited back for Pioneer Days, Sept. 16th, 2017.  Stay tuned for details!

Pioneer Days, @ Job Carr Historic House, Tacoma, WA.  Sat., Sept. 17th, 2016. Tunes, stepdancing, crankies and jig dolls!   We had a wonderful time!!  Check out their website here.

Julia Derby is cranking "Waves of the St. Lawrence" while a participant operates an automaton.

CRANKIE BASICS WORKSHOP - at the Felt-a-Con Festival, Sat. Aug. 13th, 2016.  Sue Truman and Julia Derby presented a  talk/demonstration about crankies  at Felt-a-Con Festival located at the Seattle Children's Theater.  It covered:

- demonstrations of crankie scrolls made from Tyvek and stitched from felt and fabric

- a short history of moving panoramas and moving drops from the 19th century

- an overview of various methods of making scrolls

- demonstration of using crankie scrolls with shadow puppetry and automatons

The workshop was well attended with a fantastic group of enthusiatic artists. We hope they will all make a crankie! Cool


Our first crankie show in Canada! Photo by Kimberly Strain. Thank you!

MISSION FOLK MUSIC FESTIVAL, Mission, British Columbia, July 22 - 24th, 2016. Podorythmie will do two performances on Sat. July 23rd.

COOL! Podorythmie was mentioned in the Vancouver Sun!

WOW, we had the best time!  This was our first crankie/moving panorama perforance in Canada.  If you ever have the chance, go to this festival!

Julia Derby stepdancing at Canada Place while, Prairie, Sue and Pascale play.

Saint-John Baptiste Day, Canada Place, Vancouver, BC. Friday, June 24th, 2016.

Saint-Jean Baptiste Day - Macklin Park in Coquitlam, BC. Friday, June 24th, 2016.  

The Garden House - February 2016,  Prairie, Cil and Julia stepdancing to a full house at The Garden House with Sue on fiddle and Louis Leger on accordion, subbing for Pascale. 

Seattle's French Fest - March of  2012, 2013, 2014  A wonderful festival of all things French: food, music, fashion and film!

Photo by Doug Plummer

The Angry Beaver - 2013, 2014, 2015 Seattle's only Canadian bar, one of our favorite places to play! Located at 8412 Greenwood Ave. N. in Seattle.

Photo by Doug Plummer

The Seattle Children's Festival - 2015, The Northwest Folklife Festival wrote a nice article about our performance at the Seattle Children's Festival. Read it here. 

Poster paper cut and designed by Katherine Fahey

Empty Sea Studios - 2014, East Meets West Crankie Fest. We had the great honor to perform along with our good friends Dejah and Louis Leger and Katherine Fahey from Baltimore. Katherine also papercut this wonderful poster.

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