We are very fond of folk toys. Podorythmie has been using limberjacks from the start!  Sometimes called Jig Dolls, they have been around for hundreds of years.   In the 19th century they traveled over from Europe to Canada and the US. In Quebec they are called les gigueux.

Limberjack Step Dance Competition

This is Pookie Cat, named after Pascale's beloved kittie.  It came to Sue as a folk art doll.  Seeing that it was hinged, we got the idea to turn it into a jig doll.  It just needed a hole in the back and a stick and it worked like a charm. Video to follow!

Early 19th century jig dolls used a string suspended from the doll's head instead of a stick.


Sept. 2017 - We are rehearsing the last bit of Waves of the St. Lawrence crankie.


Some bands do sing-a-longs, (we do those too) we do crank-a-longs to a specail crankie called CRANKIE THINGS. It's a long story but Sue has a huge collection of objects with cranks: egg beaters. flour sifters, music boxes, hand drills, you name it. For special occasions, we bring them along and ask the audience to help us with the crankie things crankie. In this video they are getting ready for the big performance. Crank with feeling!